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Individuals or Starting Out

  • Access to Business Dashboard
  • Create up to 3 Products and 1 Service
  • Create up to 2 Variations
    per Product or Service
  • Track Orders and Appointments
  • No Analytics Data
  • Support available on Weekdays
    9am - 5pm
MYR 139/ mo


Small Businesses and Teams

  • Access to Business Dashboard
  • Create up to 50 Products and 10 Services
  • Create up to 10 Variations
    per Product or Service
  • Track Orders and Appointments
  • Advanced Analytics Data
    See Customer Views, Engagement and More
  • 24/7 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Every account linked to your business will have access to all the paid features of your subscription tier. This means that regardless of who logs in, each user will be able to utilize the full range of services and tools available at your current subscription level. Whether it's inventory management, advanced analytics, or the secure Point of Sale (POS) system in the Enterprise Tier, each account will have the same capabilities to manage, analyze, and operate your business effectively.

To facilitate this, you'll need to ensure that each account is properly set up and linked to your business within our platform. This may involve assigning specific roles or permissions to different accounts, depending on how you prefer to distribute responsibilities among your team members. Our platform supports role-based access control, allowing you to tailor access and permissions according to the needs of your business and the roles of individual team members.

Furthermore, our system is designed to ensure seamless collaboration and management efficiency, even with multiple accounts. You can easily track changes, updates, and activities across all accounts, providing transparency and oversight for all business operations. This approach ensures that your team can work together effectively, with each member contributing to the success of your business using the full range of features and tools available to them.

The Starter Tier is designed for small businesses or if you are just starting out. This allows you to list 5 Products and 1 Service. You have access to basic features like Inventory Management, Order Tracking, Sales Tracking and Basic Analytics Data. You can upgrade to a higher tier at any time.

Basic Analytics provides essential insights into your sales, orders, and inventory levels. It's designed to give you a snapshot of your business operations. On the other hand, Advanced Analytics offers deeper insights, including trend analysis, customer behavior, and detailed performance metrics. It also includes tracking for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics, enabling more strategic decision-making.

If you decide to cancel your subscription in the middle of a paid month, your account can continue to use the Tier benefits until the end of the billing period. This means you will continue to have access to the features of your current tier until the end of the month for which you have already paid. No partial refunds are provided for unused portions of the billing period.

You cannot upgrade your paid Tier in the middle of a billing cycle. You will have to cancel your current subscription and subscribe to the new Tier. The new Tier will take effect from the next billing cycle.

Yes, but we only entertain custom feature requests for the Enterprise Tier.